About Sara Nesbitt Gibbons

Sara Nesbitt Gibbons (Sara Nesbitt) is a writer and theatre maker who lives in London and West Cork. She is also a mother.


Email: sara@saranesbitt.co.uk

Twitter: @saranesbitt


Two of Sara’s poems about clothes have been published in The Wardrobe, an online literary zine  https://theclothescollection.wordpress.com/issue-1-3/sara-nesbitt-gibbons/

2015: Sara’s poems have recently appeared in The Emma Press Anthology of Slow Things, available from the Emma Press (theemmapress.com) and reviewed at Sabotage Reviews (sabotagereviews.com), and the ‘Violence’ issue of Magma Poetry.

Sara Nesbitt Gibbons has an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London, taught by Sir Andrew Motion and Jo Shapcott.  A selection of poems from the MA can be read in Bedford Square 6, published by Ward Wood http://wardwoodpublishing.co.uk/titles-anthologies-bedford-square-6.htm.  Sara’s poems have also been published in poetry magazines, including: South Bank Poetry, Interpreter’s House and Brittle Star, and others.  One of Sara’s poems was longlisted for the National Poetry Competition, 2014 (one of 124 of over 12,000 entries).  Her poetry has also been commended in the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine (2011) and Ware Poetry Competition (2011) and can be found in the anthologies of both competitions.  Sara was moved that her poem, ‘Afterlife’, was read to honour a family member at the 2013 Royal Society of Medicine Ceremony – more information here: http://hippocrates-poetry.org/news/press-releases-2/poems-by-hippocrates-awards.html

Poetry Theatre 

With Occurrent Glow, Sara directed ‘Incisions and Excavations: The Poem Reincarnating Theatre’, at The Old Operating Theatre Museum. You can read a review of ‘Incisions and Excavations’ at:  http://www.extraextra.org/Review_SP_Poem_Reincarnating_Theatre_09.html .  With Occurrent Glow, Sara also made a poetry film, Cut Short, which is up on YouTube.

Sara worked with community theatre group The Angel Players on a poetry theatre performance of her sequence,’Grace’, which was performed at various venues including St Pancras International, Claremont, Islington Museum and the Centre for Creative Collaboration as part of the Lost and Found project.  Sara has also performed ‘Grace’ solo, usually with help from hula hoop and puppets, in various locations including The Treehouse Gallery at Regent’s Park (inside Sophie Goldthorpe’s Monologue Theatre installation).


Sara has also worked on various community and professional theatre projects, as director, assistant director and writer.

Workshops and Multimodal Storytelling 

Sara Nesbitt Gibbons (Sara Nesbitt) is a freelance workshop facilitator, and has ten years’ experience leading workshops, sessions and projects in multimodal storytelling, creative writing, poetry and theatre for diverse community groups and charities in Greater London and internationally. She has an MA in World Englishes (King’s College, London), specialising in multimodal storytelling and stories in interaction.


Sara guest co-edited South Bank Poetry magazine Issue 6 (with founder editor Peter Ebsworth) and Issue 11 (with Peter Ebsworth and Niall O’Sullivan) and was assistant editor for four issues in 2010 – 11. http://www.poetrylibrary.org.uk/magazines/magazines/?id=533